Corporate Publications
  • The Magazine of People That Cannot Do Without Communication” is put together by the Aristo Publishing Team. The content of the magazine published bi-monthly is composed of assignments, analysis articles, opinion columns and interviews as well as news from the sector. Aristokrat has received great acclaim since its first issue and reaches the doyen names of communication, journalists and corporate communicators with its dynamic and contemporary content.
  • Tailwind Inflight Magazine is the magazine of the Turkish and British partnership, Tailwind Airlines and presents health, fashion, food, culture pages and places worth seeing in the world. The bi-monthly magazine is written in both German and English and includes interviews of world famous names as well. Tailwind Inflight Magazine has a rich content that travelers can enjoy while traveling.
  • It is the bi-monthly in-house magazine of Aksa Power Generation that is among Turkey's largest industrial companies. It is written in both Turkish and English and contains up-to-date information about the company, the exhibitions and sponsorships attended and product presentations.
  • ATALIAN is the in-house magazine we make for ATALIAN Network which mission is to create clean, safe and efficient working and living spaces and make life easier and contains the company’s successes and collaborations in Turkey and in the world and the in-house organized activities.
  • Hayata Dair is the magazine we prepare for Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik in which we introduce the company's new projects that makes life easier and perform agency interviews. In addition, travel, hobby, sports articles written by Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik employees enrich the contents of the magazine.
  • Inside Bizim Penceremizden magazine published for Egepen, the company with the widest product range of PVC profile in its sector, one can find various successful accomplishments, dealers' meetings, department presentations and interviews. In addition, it also offers the readers articles about trips, health and the environment.
  • With more than 68 production facilities in 17 countries with over 112,000 employees worldwide, Michelin handles automobiles, trucks, heavy vehicles, heavy construction and agricultural equipment and forklift tires in the Turkish tire market. The Michelin company's corporate magazine Bibendum provides readers pleasant interviews, analyzes and lifestyle content, as well as industry-specific information.
  • We make this in-house magazine Maximum Biz for Anadolu Sigorta, Turkey's first national insurance company with about 2500 nationwide professional agency. Its content is based on Anadolu Sigorta's new products, the company’s successes, conferences and events. In addition, it also offers articles with pleasant titles on art, hobby, gourmet and reconnaissance.
  • Corendon Inflight Magazine is Turkey's first low-cost airline Corendon Airlines’ lifestyle magazine read by approximately 1.5 million passengers per year. It is a bi-monthly written in both English and German. The magazine contains articles on health, fashion, food, culture and many historical places and has a separate supplement where children can enjoy comics and puzzles as well.
  • The digital media platform D-Smart's monthly magazine meets its readers in digital format and provides all the films and activities included in the monthly program. In the D-Smart magazine where the broadcast stream and the programs are featured, there are also sections of the last movies featuring interviews with the leading actors, culture and art that exhilarate the readers.
  • Hometextile is the magazine of the Turkish Textile Industry and Business Association (TETSİAD) and is composed of detailed content describing the development of important trade fairs in the textile industry. The magazine is written in both English and Turkish every 3 months. World trends in home textiles and travel pages promoting Turkey are part of the magazine's content.
  • ISS WAY is the in-house magazine of ISS that is present today in 53 countries. It is made every 3 months and contains up-to-date news about the services provided in 6 different categories and activities carried out within the company. In addition to interviews with solution partners, it has pages oriented to the employees with articles on culture, art and food.
  • TGS Port, the in-house magazine of TGS Ground Services established with the partnership of Turkish Airlines A.O. and Havaş, is bi-monthly. The magazine contains news focused on TGS, department presentations and interviews, as well as the operations and activities of the stations. TGS Port contains articles on topics such as health, technology and excursions and recent news that draw employees’ attention.
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